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Rachel Uchitel on how the Tiger Woods affair made her ‘too scandalous to hire’

Rachel Uchitel on how the Tiger Woods affair made her 'too scandalous to hire'

New York’s hit parade

The winds were a-changin’ on Sag Harbor’s main drag.

Julie Andrews crossed the street with a friend. In a white summer scarf, using a cane to steady herself, she grabbed onto a bench at the curb.

Fancier cane, not the one Dick Van Dyke used to dance with in “Mary Poppins.”

Anthony Weiner a k a “Carlos Danger”? On Third Avenue wearing a helmet the now less dangerous Carlos kept stuffing a bag of chips in his face. That tongue flicked out to lick up each crumb.

Giuliani, of whom you may have heard, limps on. You’ve heard him, seen him, respected him, ignored him, now try to read him.

It’s Steve Bannon’s new organization War Room Books, a Skyhorse Publishing imprint. Editor’s Elaine Lafferty, former Ms Magazine editor and Time investigative reporter.

Schlepping around town? Sophia Loren. Wearing big glasses. Back room of Cipriani. Table of friends. Downing lemoncakes, speaking Italian.

Being the scorn in their sides

Long ago beautiful nightclub manager/hostess Rachel Uchitel, 49, became Monica Lewinsky on steroids. Lewinsky pinned Bill Clinton. Uchitel — Tiger Woods.

Both married men, known for their playmates, stayed famous. Both females — trashed.

Rachel: “National Enquirer broke my story. Things became hard and you’re made to sign a NDA. Nobody hears the real story because going against it means arbitration. I’ve now started the podcast ‘Miss Understood’ for people who talk of suicide and who must learn to move forward. Tell their side.

“Comedienne Kathy Griffin, whose humor once put her through similar horror, said when bookings canceled she thought she’d do herself in. My podcast teaches how to get your life back. How to crawl out of that barrel one claw at a time.

“People thought me too scandalous to hire. I earned no money. My name got me in the door but everyone thought me too scandalous. One former boss said: ‘Your name just won’t fly here anymore.’

“Many people want to be famous. They think 10 minutes of fame’s fun. But I’d become the villain. New York’s tragic face. For years I was the biggest story around. You cry. You’re torn apart. It affected my mental health. People betrayed me. Sold stories about me. Still today I am not close to my family.”

Florida has so many aged people arriving that it’s now opening restaurants and entertainment venues.

One grandma wanted to divorce her 70-year-old husband. In Palm Beach.

Why? Because he kept demanding sex. She told the judge the whole session only takes four minutes but it includes dinner and a show.

Not only in New York, kids, not only in New York.

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