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Higher education’s descent into chaos with anti-Israel protests leads to the question — who is behind this mass indoctrination?

Higher education’s descent into chaos with anti-Israel protests leads to the question — who is behind this mass indoctrination?

Higher education’s descent into madness has led me to ask a simple but important question: Who exactly is financing college instruction in what is so obviously a mass indoctrination of so many of the nation’s (allegedly) best and brightest college-aged students at our top schools? 

Sorry, pure ideology pushing left-wing academic bias of the core curriculum only gets you so far in explaining the gross spectacle now unfolding daily on the nation’s campuses, the rank antisemitism, Jewish students being harassed and the creepy justification of Hamas’ butchering innocents all coming out of the mouths of people who are supposed to be our future leaders. 

There must be a money incentive that first rationalized anti-Americanism and anti-Israel racism in the college classroom and radicalized so many students into believing Israel is somehow at fault for defending itself against the barbarism of Oct. 7. 

Word on the Street 

And for that, I turned to many of my contacts on Wall Street, executives who both know about money and graduated from the same elite schools at the center of the tumult.

They offer an interesting roadmap to the brainwashing and various funding sources of the disgrace we’re witnessing. 

Yes, there is big-money funding this type of instruction — one that de-emphasizes Western Civ and extols anti-American and Jew-hating instruction by leftist and even Marxist professors — and it isn’t just Soros-related, as The Post has documented.

It comes from some frightening and surprising places, both foreign and domestic. 

Let’s start with the foreign.

Norbert Gottesman is a hedge-fund manager and a graduate of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service.

He recalls his experience with anti-American and anti-Israeli indoctrination at Georgetown University, an elite college started by Jesuit priests in our nation’s Capital, no less. 

Gottesman is the son of Jewish immigrants who escaped the old Soviet Union.

They sought the American dream for their son and his pathway through an elite university.

Georgetown and its foreign services school is considered among the best in the business.

It trains diplomats and business types running major trading desks and multinational companies.

Bill Clinton is a graduate; Madeleine Albright taught there.

It also has been training students to hate Israel, Gottesman told me. 

“They were teaching us so much nonsense, like American imperialism caused all the territorial conflicts in the Middle East,” Gottesman said.

“I was the only Jewish student in many of my classes and felt very uncomfortable because the message was simple: The US foreign policy needs to be more pro-Arab in order to force Israel to give land back.” 

Gottesman graduated in 1998, which gives you some insight into how long our top universities like Georgetown have been inculcating students with a leftist interpretation of history putting Israel at the center of academia’s perverted axis of evil. 

So that got him digging into the school’s source of funding.

Gottesman points out to me that Arab countries have been major contributors to the foreign service school.

In fact, the school has a campus in Qatar, the very country where the Hamas leadership resides and plotted the deadly and vicious Oct. 7 attack that all these students are celebrating. 

Following course 

In January, as the world was still grappling with the brutality of the massacre, Georgetown’s Qatar campus bizarrely featured a symposium titled “Israel’s War on Palestinians: Gaza as Epicenter.”

Or maybe not so bizarrely given that tens of millions of dollars from Qatar have flowed into Georgetown since 2015, according to the US Department of Education website.

A school flack said: “We strongly condemn antisemitism, Islamophobia, racism, and hatred of any kind in our community . . . Our campus in Qatar has helped educate more than 800 students from around the world in international affairs.” 

while maintaining our . . . commitment to academic freedom, religious freedom, and inclusion and non-discrimination.” 

Yet it’s not just foreign money but money from US sources that continues to pour into these schools, according to my sources.

Look at the make-up of the board of trustees of our top schools — the main conduit for college fundraising — and you see a preponderance of Wall Street types. 

For years, they have looked away from the radicalization at our elite colleges while they financed through endowment contributions the instruction and expansion of courses that teach a false narrative about the evils of capitalism, and the systemic racism of America and Israel. 

They still are despite the recent upheaval that seems to grow by the day.

For every Robert Kraft, Marc Rowan and Bill Ackman — billionaire Ivy League grads thoroughly disgusted with what their contributions to Columbia, Penn and Harvard have financed — too many others continue to throw their money at these schools. 

Attorney Marc Kasowitz has been suing universities like Columbia, Harvard and Penn for violating the civil rights of Jewish students who are the daily targets of abuse and threats.

He has seen this cowardice firsthand as he seeks support for his litigation. 

“These are people worth hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars, and some won’t step up. It’s unbelievable,” Kasowitz said. 

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