• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Biden’s pathetic nods to Pelosi, Gore and Kerry

Biden's pathetic nods to Pelosi, Gore and Kerry

Past presidents have made some pretty dubious picks for the Presidential Medal of Freedom (Jim Jordan?), but Joe Biden just outdid them all by tapping Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore and John Kerry all in one fell swoop.

Most recipients of the nation’s highest civilian honor are distinguished philanthropists, artists, athletes, entertainers, activists and pioneers, not politicians known for being partisan pals of the sitting prez.

You can make a case for honoring Pelosi as the first woman to become House speaker, but surely it could’ve waited ’til she retired?

(Then again, she’s now running for re-election at 83; is that why Joe picked her?)

But Gore and Kerry are just failed Democratic presidential candidates who went on to push climate-change hysteria.

And the citation for Gore is laughably partisan-political: He’s getting the honor because “after winning the popular vote, he accepted the outcome of a disputed presidential election for the sake of our unity.”


He only accepted the outcome after the Supreme Court denied his claim that the vote in Florida was stolen; his lawyers had gone so far as to try to exclude military votes from the recount.

The honor would’ve made as much sense if it cited his infamous “I invented the Internet” delusion.

Kerry spent his entire career as a self-important seat-warmer, which probably explains why Biden thought he deserved the award, albeit the cite calls it “his public service career that has spanned seven decades.”

By law, Biden gets to choose whoever he wants, so if the state of the economy, the border and, heck, the world hadn’t already convinced you, these picks should be the final proof that his judgment is just plain rotten.

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