• Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Biden’s only strategy is to ‘give away more stuff’: veteran political strategist

Biden's only strategy is to 'give away more stuff': veteran political strategist

Walking the party plank

Ed Rollins, a forever strategist, possibly starting with Thomas Jefferson, says: “Politics needs strategy. An old boxer, I don’t intimidate easily. First, analyze your candidate. Anticipate what the other side can do. Make a control system. Nixon told me: ‘Every day something will come up. Keep your head clear. Be a war general.’

“I had 700 people working for me but I only dealt with the president. I restricted access to me. And worked to discipline my candidate. Also necessary to investigate your opposition. Get in the helicopter, on the boat, look personally at what’s happening, make decisions on the spot.

“Biden’s the old guard. Representing a very small state for 50 years. His game’s only to give away more stuff. He is what he always was. No Commander-in-Chief, never chosen to lead in the Senate. No world leader. But people don’t care about infrastructure. They care about inflation. Immigration. Trump can’t get younger or sharper but he definitely has a chance at re-election.

“So did I ever screw up? Yeah. Like in a controversy on black voters, which became a big controversy. People went after me. Cost me lots of money. It was very ­difficult.”

And now, here comes trouble

Per specialists:

Anyone can buy a drone, fit with a grenade, attack anything and not get caught. Nothing’s safe now. Monsters can blow up a car driver, apartment dweller, an inauguration — even a sports stadium.

Also. Finland and Sweden are NATO’s first new members in several years. Why now? Worrying about war widening into Europe? Or something bigger? Insiders may know before the public does.

The next bit of fears . . .

Might recent AT&T outages be test runs? Decentralized successfully, a cyberattack could shut down the system which — now — allows one provider to hand off to other providers.

United Health? Watch hits on the prescription drug system.

Our infrastructure’s inability is in crisis. Is this all a test run for something bigger?

Chitter & that

Other stuff you mightn’t know:

Investor Bill Ackman’s into self-promotion. Spends heavy to hustle his own tweets and Instagram gurgles. Why? Who knows?! This is just to tell you because I know it and you maybe don’t.

Also: to find guys who don’t always return calls? Try Rock Center’s Equinox. MSNBC’s Ari Melber bikes there. Ditto Larry Kudlow who does the sauna while studying info on Pete Buttigieg or inhaling a panini.

And the late Leona Helmsley still wants staff. It’s a billion-dollar foundation and — aside from her mausoleum being power-washed yearly — her people are remaking her image. Alive sources say to oil up the Queen of Mean is costly. The job pays. And the perks? You don’t have to talk to her.

So with multiple difficulties in today’s world, the big question is: Name a rock, a lock and a crock. And the answer is: Gibraltar, dead bolt and a campaign speech.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York — plus the rest of the United States.

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