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Teyana Taylor Tells Media To Stop Making Clickbait Headlines

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Teyana Taylor has never put her business in the streets or publicly checked the media, but she had time tu-day yesterday!

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The singer-songwriter took to her InstaStories to share an open letter to TMZ. In the lengthy post, she blasted the digital outlet for creating “salacious headlines” about her divorce from Iman Shumpert.

The digital publication posted an article reporting the 33-year-old asked the court to find her soon-to-be ex in contempt for failing to uphold his commitments until they officially divorced. The headline that pushed Tey over her limit read, “Teyana Taylor Iman’s Leaving Me, Kids In The Cold!!! Says He Cut House Utilities.”

In a passionate post to IG, the “Gotta Love ME” singer highlighted her frustrations. She wanted to keep details of her divorce under wraps to protect “all parties.” Despite her best attempts, the world still knows her business.

The actress began the post,

“Y’all really be taking it too far with these d*mn misleading headlines and I’m tired of it!”

She continued,

“Every time I turn around it’s either half leaked and made up stories or words twisted up for clickbait.”

“I kindly asked y’all to mind y’all business. However, y’all still putting out f***kery.”

She added that she has been “graceful, cordial and protective of all parties involved but “sadly that energy has not been reciprocated at all.”

“I haven’t spoken to any blogs or anyone else for that matter!!!” she contended.

The “Thousand and One” actress’s pain was palpable as she continued, “My court documents aren’t clickbait to be used for your salacious headlines!!!”

“Y’all are taking info from my original court complaint (which, newsflash… has to be submitted giving your reason as to why you’re filing for divorce) as well as other court documents and creating stories,” she expressed.

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The mom of two shared that if the outlet covers her divorce, they must tell the whole story. Teyana claims TMZ showcases information that is the juiciest and sellable to their messy viewership.

“If you mothaf**kas gone be in my business b%tch be in the whole thing, get accurate information and actually comprehend!”, she typed before adding, “I can’t stand y’all ass*s!!!!”

The R&B crooner clarified that Iman did cut their utilities when she and their daughters, Junie and Rue, still lived in the residence. However, the ex-NBA player’s act of stupidity didn’t affect them for very long.

“All my utilities was on same day and after that s**t was pulled,” she wrote. “Me and My kids are never going to be sitting ducks.”


The multi-talented superstar noted she tried to the process private by filing the divorce docs under their initials.  The public didn’t know about the split for nearly a year. She claimed Iman’s legal team put them on blast by filing a motion under their full names.

Experiencing a divorce can be an obviously difficult process. Doing so in the public eye adds an extra layer of pain, considering your tech-savvy child could access the messy details.

Tey seems like the type of mom who would never want her children to view their father negatively, even if he did something trifling like turn off the electricity in the home they lived in.

Wishing all parties peace as the remainder of this divorce process unfolds.


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