• Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

NYU prof Amin Husain’s sick bigotry proves that antisemitism is alive and well on campuses

NYU prof Amin Husain's sick bigotry proves that antisemitism is alive and well on campuses

Jewish students knew not to take any of his classes: That by itself shows that Amin Husain shouldn’t have been teaching at New York University, even in the Gallatin adult-ed program. 

And it’s proof positive that NYU is OK with antisemitism at a deep institutional level, and that ousting a few university presidents or even a handful of board members won’t remotely fix American academia.

Husain’s in the spotlight now thanks to video from a Dec. 5 session he led for New School Students for Justice in Palestine, in which he dismissed claims that Hamas sexually assaulted women and beheaded babies as “not true” and called New York City “Zionist.”

He also brags about receiving “the honors of antisemitic multiple times” and gloats over his profile on the antisemite-flagging website Canary Mission, as “one of the best biographies” he has, saying “everything they cite is true.”

“Everything” being a long list of his extremist beliefs and claims, including “support for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terror group and glorif[ying] its leaders.”

NYU spokesperson John Beckman told The Post that Husain has been suspended, though he didn’t say when, claiming of “the University’s discrimination and anti-harassment policies” that “we investigate all complaints we receive and take appropriate action, which may include taking measures, such as suspension.”

Hmm: Last October, an NYU alum launched a Change.Org petition pushing for Husain’s dismissal for using “his position at this esteemed institution to propagate hate and violence against Jews.”

But a properly functioning school should never employ a faculty member so biased against a single group that they don’t dare take his classes.

The hatemonger has never tried to cover up his vile history; he’s proud of it — bragged of it just last month, on video.

But being anti-cop, anti-Israel and anti-America are qualities that most universities find excusable, maybe even appealing; certainly nothing for administrators to beware of.

As we’ve said before, the fall of Harvard’s Claudine Gay and UPenn’s Liz McGill (only to tenured faculty jobs, mind you) is barely a beginning for the change that needs to come.

Amin Husain is mainly just fresh proof of how deep the rot runs.

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