• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Don’t let Taylor Swift be the new John Lennon, protect her at all costs

Don't let Taylor Swift be the new John Lennon, protect her at all costs

Taylor Swift’s concert tour earned $1 billion.

She re-recorded her albums to get out of a bad contract, and they all became best-sellers again.

She was Time magazine’s Person of the Year.

There isn’t much Taylor Swift can’t do — and we hope that includes finally having New York lawmakers see sense.

A stalker has visited Swift’s New York residence a shocking 30 times in the past two months.

No warning or arrest stops him.

Released from custody Wednesday after being charged with harassment, he went right back.

How many times will it take before the criminal justice system does something?

None of the stalker’s violations is bail-eligible and judges have been ordered by Albany not to take a criminal’s history into account.

But even if the offender is not being sent to prison, why isn’t he being sent to a treatment facility?

It’s a failure that shows up again and again and again in our city.

The mentally ill are arrested and neither sent to jail nor medically served.

Until they, say, stab a pair of tourists in Grand Central.

Or roam the subways with a machete.

Has this city forgotten the tragedy of Mark David Chapman and John Lennon?

Do we really want something terrible to happen even though authorities were given 30 warnings and still did nothing?

Protect Taylor Swift.

Protect all New Yorkers.

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