• Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Brave Search can now deliver results for programming queries

Brave Search can now deliver results for programming queries

Brave announced today that it’s adding its newly-built CodeLLM to its search engine to deliver results for programming queries. The new AI-powered CodeLLM provides code snippets with step-by-step explanations and citations. CodeLLM is free and now integrated into Brave Search so users don’t have to switch apps to access it.

CodeLLM is available to all Brave Search users on desktop and mobile. If Brave Search is your default search engine then all you need to do to access CodeLLM is start a search in your browser’s address bar. If Brave Search isn’t your default search engine, then you need to head to search.brave.com to conduct your search.

Image Credits: Brave

“CodeLLM automatically detects programming-related queries, so there’s no need to generate a special search,” Brave explained in a blog post. “On top of the search results, if an answer is possible there will be a widget to trigger the CodeLLM response. The detection of programming queries happens outside of the LLM, by other search components (similar to the ones able to detect queries about the weather, queries that lend themselves well to be summarized, queries about stock prices, etc).”

Brave says CodeLLM’s underlying technology is built on top of Mixtral, which is an LLM that can use text prompts to generate code.

Today’s announcement comes two months after Brave released its AI-powered assistant, Leo, to all desktop users. Leo, which is based on based on Llama 2 and Anthropic’s Claude LLMs, can handle context-aware requests such as summarizing webpages or videos, translating text and rewriting phrases. Brave also debuted a paid version of the assistant for $15 month to give users access to premium features like access to faster and better large language models (LLMs) and higher-rate limits.

Brave Search, which launched two year ago, has grown to serve an average of 25 million queries per day. The company says Brave Search is the default search engine for many of Brave’s over 60 million users.

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