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Grand Central slasher attacks his cellmate: Letters

Grand Central slasher attacks his cellmate: Letters

The Issue: The alleged stabbing of an inmate by the “Grand Central slasherfollowing his arrest.

I have a novel approach to dealing with these maniacs who attack innocent people everywhere they go, including in jail: Hold these activist judges accountable (“Grand Cent. ‘slash’ fiend jail attack,” Dec. 29).

In the same way the law now allows for suing police officers, let’s enable the same for judges to feel the consequences of their actions. If enough of them start facing civil lawsuits, I belive they’ll soon be very reluctant to be so liberal with their rulings.

And: How about media organizations start plastering the name of a judge on the front page every time one of these maniacs is released by said judge and repeats the same savage crime?

Greg Cantiello

East Rockaway

Why wasn’t deranged, violent criminal Steven Hutcherson charged with civil-rights violations?

He allegedly stated his desire to kill all white people and proceeded to stab two white teenage girls. Typically, hate crimes entail longer prison sentences.

Will he receive a customary 15-day jail sentence, or perhaps a 30-day term this time since he committed attempted murder?

Carol Meltzer


Society is paying a hefty price for years of neglecting the mentally ill, as evidenced by the recent stabbings at Grand Central and Rikers.

Mayor Adams’ attempts to involuntarily hospitalize impaired individuals are perceived as too little and too late, given the depleted state of mental-health services.

Society has compromised and traded mental health for profitability. The results have left us with sparse availability of resources for both inpatient and outpatient services.

The problem is not going away; it will continue to haunt us. At what point do we say enough is enough and re-prioritize our values to restore some “sanity”?

Ronald Frank

West Orange, N.J.

Consider what happened to the teen girls and the inmate at Rikers when a dangerous person stabbed them; this was the result of allowing criminals to wander free and harm innocents (“ ‘If Only’ Judge Had Jailed,” Dec. 28).

Paul Bornstein

Stamford, Conn.

The Issue: The recent missile attack on a US Navy carrier group by Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

Alongside fending off a missile onslaught off Yemen, the US Navy carrier strike group could be blasting every military installation and weapons cache in Iran (“Biden needs to strike back hard against Houthis to protect Red Sea — and US influence,” Dec. 27).

Reimpose the most stringent sanctions on Iran, and pressure the United Nation’s Security Council to join in, until the Iranian economy collapses.

Perhaps then the people of Iran will rise up and remove the mullahs from power!

Michael Hilder

Weymouth, U.K.

The Post confirms the surreal fear that President Biden exhibits in his dealings with Iran.

An observer might conclude that Iran is a rogue nuclear state, and that the United States is toothless proxy, unwilling to contest the Houthi shipping attacks.

This is clearly not the case, yet Biden exhibits a dangerous lack of will as the world watches us cower, while Houthis attack targets at will.

Robert Gates, who served in several high offices over 40 years, famously said that Biden never made a right decision on foreign policy during that time.

The Red Sea attacks are further proof of that ineptitude.

Richard Klitzberg

Boca Raton, Fla.

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