• Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Biden can stop the migrant caravan heading to the border — if he cared

Biden can stop the migrant caravan heading to the border — if he cared

Mr. President, stop this caravan. 

An estimated 8,000 people set off on Christmas Eve from the southern Mexican city of Tapachula.

Destination: the border that Joe Biden threw wide open and refuses to enforce. 

Biden will do what he always does, blame Congress. But the failure is his alone.

He could stop this shocking wave of illegal migration at any time. He just doesn’t. 

For one, although advocates would call this group “asylum-seekers,” one must face religious or political persecution in their home country to qualify for asylum. 

This caravan advertises exactly what it’s about — carrying a banner with the slogan “Exodus from poverty.” 

If Biden cared to stop them, he would have the Border Patrol conduct expedited hearings on the border, determine that economic hardship does not qualify the crossers for asylum, and turn them back. 

If Biden cared to stop them, he could follow the rules, which says that asylum-seekers must apply in the first safe country they enter — that is, Mexico, not the US. 

If Biden cared to stop them, he would force people who want to apply to enter the US to do so from another country. He said he was doing so, with the CBP One app. 

Except the app accepted everyone who applied, even those who didn’t qualify, and even worse, Biden went back on his word.

People are crossing the southern border by the tens of thousands without using the app. 

More than 2 million people illegally have entered the United States in each of the past two fiscal years.

It is a wave of poverty that is overwhelming Chicago, El Paso, Denver, New York and more. 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is set to meet with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Wednesday and López Obrador says he is willing to work with the administration on a solution. Is Biden willing to work with him? 

Biden has sacrificed his relationship with fellow Democrats such as Mayor Adams, and he sacrificed much-needed aid for Ukraine and Israel. All for his pig-headed refusal to enforce the law. 

The border disaster is bigger than one caravan, but one caravan is at least a start. Strike a deal with Mexico to have them take in the migrants or deport them. 

If this group is able to walk into Arizona and Texas on live television and then hop a bus to the Port Authority, it sends the continuing message to the world: the United States has no border. Come on down.

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