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LSU Guard Aneesah Morrow Talks DePaul Transfer, Injuries

LSU Guard Aneesah Morrow Talks DePaul Transfer, Injuries

SZN Opener is back with new episodes dropping every week. On Season 2 of this dynamic podcast series, host and noted sports analyst Monica McNutt showcases Black college athletes and explores their triumphs, challenges and aspirations along their sports journeys.

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In Episode 2, LSU’s Aneesah Morrow joins SZN Opener for an in-depth conversation about her journey as a rising star in women’s basketball and her decision to transfer after two seasons at DePaul.

From DePaul To LSU

The Chicago native excelled on the court at DePaul University, racking up numerous accolades as one of the top players in the country including ESPN Top Freshman in the Country, BIG EAST Freshman of the Year and DePaul women’s basketball MVP.

The All-America forward transferred to Louisiana State University this year, arriving at Baton Rouge to much acclaim with 53 double-doubles in 66 career games. Morrow is “a standout at LSU as the Tigers are looking to defend their national championship from last year,” McNutt says.

Morrow has a clear vision of what she wants to accomplish at LSU.

“I knew that going to a different school would allow me to develop my game in different aspects,” she says. “I was going to be challenged at the highest level possible. I knew that I would have to come in everyday and compete for my spot, but also perform on the floor.”

So far this season, Morrow has established herself as a key player on the LSU Tigers alongside teammate Angel Reese. NOLA.com called Morrow “a versatile wing who might be the most well-rounded player on arguably the most talented team in the country.”

Versatility is her goal.

“I came here to expand my game. I’ve been working on becoming a better defender because I have to be quicker to guard out on the perimeter,” she says. “I want to be able to defend every position on the floor. Which also makes me a bigger threat. It shows my versatility and allows me to stay on the floor longer.”

“That was my biggest goal coming in here, trying to be one of the most improved players that I possibly can be,” she adds.

Injuries Gave Her A New Perspective

She may be a powerhouse on the court, but there’s more to Aneesah Morrow than basketball.

Morrow developed a resilience to the challenges she’s had to endure as an athlete, including three knee surgeries. Her injuries forced her to discover interests outside of basketball. “Being injured and having to sit down so much, I had to figure out other things that made me happy,” she says.

Despite being a top player, Morrow is determined to enjoy other aspects of her life as well.

“People see what I do on the basketball court, but there is so much more to me than just basketball,” says the LSU guard. “Being an athlete, we have to learn that about ourselves, because sometimes we let basketball define so much of our individuality and we never really get to express ourselves.”

Coming from a family of decorated athletes, she credits her parents and siblings with helping her through the tough times with their unwavering support. “A lot of things that I’ve accomplished have been because of the competitive nature that’s ingrained in me through the Morrow family,” she says.

Aspiring For The WNBA

Morrow aspires to play in the WNBA after college. It’s what motivates her to keep striving for greatness. “My goal has always been to play in the W,” she says. “Even through all the adversity, I’ve always tried to focus on the bigger picture. ”

Catch the full conversation with Aneesah Morrow above. Listen to Episode 2 of SZN Opener Season 2 on the Urban One podcasts platform or your favorite streaming app.

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