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Darius Jackson Claims Keke Was Violent During Their Relationship

Darius Jackson Claims Keke Was Violent During Their Relationship

Darius Jackson may be newly baptized, but he is seemingly playing devilish games in his custody battle with Keke Palmer.

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Weeks after an L.A. court granted Keke a restraining order, Darius claims she was the aggressor throughout their relationship.

RadarOnline obtained legal documents filed on Friday citing the trainer’s accusations of abuse. He accused the Nope star of instigating physical violence against him. The 29-year-old stated he has receipts to back up his claims. In addition, Darius has requested the restraining order against him be lifted.

Darius also opposed Keke’s demand for sole custody of their 10-month-old, telling the court physical and legal custody is the only fair ruling. The temporary restraining order against Darius requires him to maintain a 100-yard distance from his ex and Leo—born Leodis Andrellton. Darius now wants the temporary restraining order lifted.

Darius Jackson’s Counterclaim Accusing Keke Palmer Of Alleged Abuse

Darius’ counterclaim alleges Keke assaulted him several times. The newly filed documents refer to the triple threat by her real name, Lauren.

The filing read, “On August 20, 2021, Lauren punched Darius in the face at a birthday party”. The health enthusiast also claims the actress punched him, forcefully grabbed his arms and called him over 200 times.

“On October 24, 2021, Lauren violently gripped Darius’ arm to prevent him from leaving her house,” the docs claim. “On November 17, 2021, after Darius told her he would not spend the night with her, Lauren called him over 200 times and sent him over 50 emails.”

During another alleged incident, the filing stated, “Lauren punched Darius and left marks on his body,” and on another occasion, “Lauren attacked Darius by choking and hitting him.”

The new dad claims his ex “berated” him, “calling him names such as a ‘b***h, a punk a**, and a loser.’”

The courts granted the “I Don’t Belong To You” singer a TRO after outlining the physical abuse she endured at the hands of Jackson during their two-year courtship. Screenshots from security cameras inside the Akeelah and The Bee star’s home were used as evidence. The photos appear to show Darius manhandling and hitting Keke as she was thrown over a couch in her living room.

The documents filed by the former Nickelodeon star stated Darius “body slammed [her] onto the stairs by my neck.”

Keke stated her son’s father “trespassed into my home without my knowledge or consent,” “lunging for my neck, striking me, throwing me over the couch and stealing my phone.”

The order of protection also required Darius to surrender his firearm.

More Accusations Of Abuse In Darius Jackson’s Family

Aggression allegedly runs in the family. Darius’ brother Saranus Jackson faced similar accusations in child custody documents filed by his Insecure costar, DomiNque Perry.

The 35-year-old claimed Jackson choked her stating, “I experienced emotional volatility, intimidation, bullying, undeserved stress, mental and physical abuse, controlling and narcissistic behavior, all over the past 5 plus years from Sarunas and his family”.

Perry’s court filing claims, “The choking on his behalf is the norm. He is violent with women.”

Y’all remember when he publicly reprimanded Trey Songz for allegedly being violent towards women? 

The brothers’ cases mirror one another. Sarunas also filed for joint physical and legal custody of their daughter, Zen.

Keke has publicly shown support for Dominique amid their custody battles. She recently honored her in a post on the “Perfectly Single” actress’ birthday.

We’ll keep you updated on what the judge decides in both cases.

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