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Jasmine ‘Watch Jazzy’ Brown Addresses Critics About Having Cam Newton’s Sixth Child While Rocking His Jersey

Jasmine 'Watch Jazzy' Brown Addresses Critics About Having Cam Newton’s Sixth Child While Rocking His Jersey

Jasmine “Watch Jazzy” Brown has just started her “Third Times a Charm” comedy tour, and the comedienne threw some of her fans off with what she decided to wear.

Brown continuously has been called out by some of her fans since the announcement of the tour. The tour’s poster not only showed off the dates for her upcoming comedy shows, but it also served as a pregnancy announcement that Brown and former NFL quarterback Cam Newton are expecting.

Jasmine Brown rocks Cam Newton’s jersey at her Carolina comedy show. (Photo: @watchjazzy/Instagram; (Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images)

This will be Brown’s first child, but it is Newton’s sixth. Newton has four kids with his ex-girlfriend Kia Proctor, and one child with another woman named La Reina Shaw. He also takes care of Proctor’s daughter and Shaw’s son, whom both women had before they had children with Newton.

Brown’s poster called herself “Baby Momma 3,” and some of the comedienne’s fans felt like this went against some of the jokes and advice that she had given prior to her pregnancy. For that very reason, those same fans called Brown out after her most recent show on Dec. 5 at The Comedy Zone in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Brown dressed the part for the event, rocking the baby blue Carolina Panthers jersey of her reported boyfriend and the father of her unborn child, while sporting a very noticeable baby bump. Brown posted pictures from the event on her Instagram with the caption, “Charlotte! I love you. THANK YOU for the love and support.”

The internet celebrity continued, “My baby was kicking the whole time I was performing like ‘yayyy go mommy.’ I can’t explain the feeling. Thank you to everyone to stayed and paid extra just to take pictures with me and tell me how I’ve inspired them throughout the years. Man the love in Carolina was REAL and I felt it. Thank you.”

Brown also posted a picture of her outfit to her Instagram Story, saying, “It’s only right to rep the [goat emoji] while in Charlotte.”

The mother-to-be turned off the comments on her post, but her fans still found a way to make sure their comments would be heard. The Shade Room posted Brown’s pictures to their Instagram, and the people had a lot to say about Brown, who’s also known as Watch Jazzy.

Commenters said, “Didn’t she always talk [poop emoji] about women becoming baby mamas? And here she go becoming a baby mama to a man that never married the one that gave him like 4 kids? Phew,” and “That’s why yall gotta stop screaming what you won’t do in public. Life has a way of lifting you right into the life you thought you’d never be in.”

Brown has not talked about the negative attention she’s received surrounding her getting pregnant by Newton, with her seemingly bragging about being a “baby momma” until now.

“I’m the third one and this is his sixth child. Somebody said, ‘couldn’t have been me.’ Aight til a rich n—ga put that pressure on you,” she said to the laughing crowd during her comedy show. “You don’t know what the f—k you’ll do.”

To people who think she believes she’s better than them, Brown replied, “I am,” before joking about Newton using a weird font to respond to others online.

She recently performed at “The Miami Improv” on Dec. 7 and is set to perform at three more shows before the end of the year in Jacksonville, Florida, on Dec. 10, Chicago, Illinois on Dec. 13, and Washington, D.C., on Dec. 17.

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