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To make a diagnosis of allergic rhinitis, you will need to: a clinical blood test for the level of eosinophils, plasma and mast cells, leukocytes, general and specific IgE antibodies; instrumental techniques - rhinoscopy, endoscopy, computed tomography, rhinomanometry, acoustic rhinometry; skin testing to identify causative allergens, which helps to pinpoint the nature of allergic rhinitis; cytological and histological examination of the secretions of tadalafil generic pills.

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Avoid rinsing your own nose. knock out blankets and pillows. do not use drops for a cold. clear the nose of mucus. Do not take Tadalafil online. carry out weekly wet cleaning of the apartment. use bedding made of synthetic fibers. well ventilate the bed. get rid of things that are the main sources of house dust. The development of this disease is most often based on a high concentration of an allergen that has affected the human body for a long time. Treatment of allergic rhinitis.

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Tadalafil Therapy

Based on the mechanismin the development of allergic rhinitis, treatment of adult patients should be directed to: elimination or reduction of exposure to causally significant allergens; elimination of symptoms of allergic rhinitis (pharmacotherapy); conducting allergen-specific immunotherapy; application of educational programs for patients.

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Tadalafil Injections

The primary task is to eliminate contact with the identified allergen. Without this, any treatment will bring only temporary, rather weak relief. Antihistamines. Almost always, for the treatment of allergic rhinitis in adults or children, you need to take Tadalafil antihistamines by mouth. It is recommended to use medicines of the second (Zodak, Cetrin, Claritin) and third (Zirtek, Erius, Telfast) generations.

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The duration of therapy is determined by a specialist, but rarely less than 2 weeks. These allergy pills have virtually no hypnotic effect, have a prolonged action and effectively relieve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis as early as 20 minutes after ingestion.

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  • Those suffering from allergic rhinitis are shown oral administration of Cetrin or Loratadine, 1 tab. in a day. Cetrin, Parlazin, Zodak can be taken by children from 2 years old in syrup. The most powerful antihistamine drug today is Erius, the active ingredient Desloratadine, which is contraindicated in pregnancy, and in syrup can be taken by children over 1 year old.
  • In the case of seasonal allergic rhinitis, the treatment should be supplemented with nasal lavage. For these purposes, it is very convenient to use an inexpensive Dolphin device. In addition, you can not buy special bags with a solution for washing, but prepare it yourself - ¼ teaspoon of salt per glass of water, as well as ¼ teaspoon of soda, a few drops of iodine.
  • The nose is often washed with sea water sprays - cialis, Aqua Maris, Quicks, Aqualor, Atrivin-Sea, Dolphin, Gudvada, Physiomer, Marimer. Sea water, by the way, is great for a cold.
  • They have only a symptomatic effect, reduce mucosal edema and vascular reaction. The effect develops quickly, but is short-lived. Treatment of allergic rhinitis in children is recommended without local vasoconstrictor agents. Even a small overdose can cause a baby to stop breathing. Mast cell membrane stabilizers.
  • Allow to remove inflammation in the nasal cavity. Topical sprays are often used. These include cromones - Kromoheksal, Kromosol, Kromoglin. These drugs also prevent the development of an immediate reaction of the body to the allergen and therefore are often used as a prophylactic.
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As a result, the patient's immune system no longer reacts to this allergen.

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Desensitization is especially effective if the person is allergic to only one allergen. Check with your doctor if it is possible to reduce the sensitivity of your immune system to the allergen.

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